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Computer-based systems and methods of determining product parameters,performing process control,and/or classifying products are provided.These computer-based systems and methods analyze previous responses to different iterations of one or more tests and,based on this analysis,predict responses to future tests.The predictions are based on a classification and regression tree analysis.Produkt HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos#252;bersicht St HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos#228;hle f HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos#252;r die Automobilindustrie DP-K HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos590Y980T HCT980X CR590Y980T-DP DP-K HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos60 / 98 DP-K HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos700Y980T HCT980XG CR700Y980T-DP DP-K HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos780Y1180T DP-K HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos900Y1180T Complexphasen-Stahl Stahlsorte Vergleichsg HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos#252;te DIN EN 10152,10338,10346 Vergleichsg HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos#252;te VDA 239-100 CP-W HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos660Y760T HDT760C HR660Y760T-CP CP-W HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos800 Previous123456NextHCT490X,HCT590X,HCT600C,HCT780X,HCT780C,HCT980XTranslate this pagehct490x,hct590x,hct600c,hct780x,hct780c,hct980x,hct980c Metal coated advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) are multiphase steels that are hot-dip metal coated for corrosion protection.These steels enable complex shapes in high-strength applications without compromising corrosion resistance.

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The galvannealed steels show three iron?zinc phases zeta,delta and gamma. (IF) steel,and interstitial-free rephos-phorized (IFP) steel.The layer structure of the coatings was revealed by New Steel Materials for Doors - American Iron and Steel and hot dipped galvannealed (HDGA) coatings.w w w .a u t o s t e e l .o r g Project Scope Following is an outline of the projects development scope IF_REPHOS 83/84 EG 0.68mm (0.0267) THICKNESS THICKNESS 0.64mm (0.0252) EG DIMENSION COATING AND WEIGHTS BH 250.w w w .a u tMST Steel Corp.Warren,Michigan,MI 48089-4723Nov 06,2020 HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos#0183;Types include galvannealed,hot dipped galvanized,aluminized,electrogalvanized,hot and cold rolled steel.Commercial,forming,deep and extra deep drawing,bake hardenable,dent resistant,megapascal,HSLA,low and hi yield dual phase,high strength,high R-value,laminate sound deadening vibration damping,transformation induced plasticity

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Translate this Page I Jeudi,18.f HCT980X Galvannealed Rephos#233;vrier 2010 4:07 16Alain ColLEMBOUTISSAGE DES ACIERS 9782100520909-Col.fmHot-Dip Galvanized (GI) Steel Sheets for Automotive UseHCT980X (low YS type) and HCT980XG (high YS type) in the DIN standard by control of the steel microstructure.YS and elongation (El) satisfied the standards and excellent bendability and delayed frac-ture resistance were realized by the adjustment of the hardness of the hard phase and the crystal grain size in addition to the phase ratio.HDG Multiphase steel acc.DIN EN 10346 - HCT450X toZF zinc-iron alloy coating (Galvannealed) ZA zinc-aluminum coating (Zn + 5% Al) AZ aluminum-zinc coating (55% Al + 1.6% Si + Zn) AS aluminum-silicon coating (11% Si + Al) ZM zinc-magnesium coating (1-2% Mg + 1-2% Al + Zn) Coating conditions.The tables below show the possible coating conditions.Zinc coating compound (+ Z)


hct490x,hct590x,hct600c,hct780x,hct780c,hct980x,hct980c Metal coated advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) are multiphase steels that are hot-dip metal coated for corrosion protection.These steels enable complex shapes in high-strength applications without compromising corrosion resistance.Galvanized (GI) Metro Premium Steel Sdn BhdThe application of a protective zinc coating in steel or iron is the method of galvanisation or galvanization to avoid the rusting.Molten zinc is the most popular method of hot-dip galvanizing.Galvalume (GL) Metro Premium Steel Sdn BhdGalvalume steel is known to be solid,resistant to corrosion and long lifespan,and is a preferred option for fencing,ducting,garage door manufacturing,garden sheds,electrical appliance construction,etc.

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cold rolled steel sheet in coils.Thickness 0,30 - 3,00mm; Width 850 - 1800mm; Typical Grades DC01,DC03,DC04,DC05,DC06,DC07 as per DIN EN 10130:2006EN 10346 HX160YD,HX180YD,HX260LAD seriesEN 10346 European standard specifies the requirements for continuously hot-dip coated products made of of steels like HX160YD,HX180YD,HX260LAD grade ,HX300YD coil with high proof strength for cold forming and coated with zinc (Z),zinc-iron alloy (ZF),zinc-aluminium alloy (ZA),aluminium-zinc alloy (AZ) or aluminium-silicon alloy (AS),and for continuously hot-dip coated products made of Dual Phase steelsDual Phase steels offer a good combination of strength and stampability as a result of their microstructure,in which a hard martensitic or bainitic phase is dispersed in a ductile ferritic matrix.These steels have high strain hardenability.This gives them not only good strain redistribution capability and thus stampability,but also finished part mechanical properties,including yield

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DIN EN10346 or EN10292 Hot Dipped Galvanized High Strength Steel Check up to five results to perform an action.Available in Z100,Z120,Z140 and Z200 coatingsDIN EN10346 or EN10292 Galvannealed High Strength SteelDIN EN10346 or EN10292 Galvannealed High Strength Steel Check up to five results to perform an action.Available in ZF100,ZF120 and ZF140DIN EN10346 or EN10292 Galvannealed High Strength Steel Galvannealed Rephos Call for Details 260 MPa EN 10346 HX260BD + ZF Galvannealed Bake-hardened Call for Details 260 MPa EN 10346 HX260LAD + ZF Galvannealed HSLA EN 10346 HCT980X + ZF Galvannealed Dual Phase Steel 980 MPa Call for Details EN 10346 HCT690T + ZF Galvannealed Trip Steel 690 MPa Call for Details EN 10346 HCT780T

Advanced and Ultra High-strength Steel (AHSS / UHSS

Galvannealed steels and MagiZinc Auto are available in surface conditions B or C.Surface condition B improved surface,suitable for unexposed parts With this surface condition,small imperfections such as stretch levelling breaks,skin pass marks,slight scratches,indentations,surface structure,zinc run-off marks and light passivation 12345NextArcelorMittal Dual Phase 980 LCE Y600 Very High Strength Property Data; This page displays only the text of a material data sheet.To see MatWeb's complete data sheet for this material (including material property data,metal compositions,material suppliers,etc),please click the button below. HCT980X Galvannealed Rephoslt;452DB6EEC1E1A44BAED5A15DC2E0504446C0C9A5CEAABAA15E2E696E6464 HCT980X Galvannealed Rephosgt;High-Strength Dual Phase Galvanized/Galvannealed Steel(EN HCT780X / HCT980XJFS JAC780Y/JAC980Y) This dual phase steel contains mainly ferrite and partly martensite,with very high strength and low carbon equivalent welding characteristics.Those steel grades will be suitable for use in automotive structures and

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